Framing Options

All of our prints are standard sizes and there are different framing options for each using standard frames:

    All of these frame sizes are standard sizes and you can find them typically in Michaels or any home goods section of stores such as Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond etc. Alternatively, any local frame shop will carry these sizes as well.

5×7 Prints

  • A standard 5×7 frame (with no mat)
  • A standard 8×10 frame (which usually comes with a mat for a 5×7 print)
  • Double 5×7 frame (takes two 5×7 prints to create a mini collection piece)
  • Triple 5×7 frame (takes three 5×7 prints to create a mini collection piece)

8x10 Prints

  • A standard 8×10 frame (with no mat)
  • A standard 11×14 frame (which usually comes with a mat for a 8×10 print)
  • Double 8×10 frame (takes two 8×10 prints to create a mini collection piece)
  • Triple 8×10 frame (takes three 8×10 prints to create a mini collection piece)

11x14 Prints

  • A standard 11×14 frame (with no mat)
  • A standard 16×20 frame (which usually comes with a mat for a 11×14 print)

13x19 Prints

  • A standard 18×24 frame (which usually comes with a mat for a 13×19 print)

5×7 frame (with no mat)

8×10 frame (with 5×7 mat) 

8×10 frame (with no mat)

11×14 frame (with 8×10 mat)

11×14 frame (with no mat)

16×20 frame (with 11×14 mat) 

18×24  frame (with 13×19 mat)

Double 5×7 frame

Double 8×10 frame 

Tripple 5×7 frame

Tripple 8×10 frame 

The examples included here are all framed using USA made Nielsen frames. These are the frames I use when I’m selling framed prints at art shows. If you are interested in having me frame your prints in these Nielsen frames use the contact page to ask me for a quote for framing and shipping. You should include the size of the frame and print along with the zip code of the shipping address.

Creative Framing

Some of our customers have come up with some very creative frames for their Patent Artwork prints. We wanted to share a couple of super cool ones with you.

Fire Department Prints

This idea for framing FD prints is amazing. It came from Karen who gave this set of prints to her firefighter husband Scott.  Using a ladder is perfect for displaying these Patent Artwork prints of firefighting equipment. She purchased the ladder from Kohl’s but you could always make one of these yourself. You just need a ladder with rungs that you can hang framed prints from using cup hooks.

Guitar Prints

This frame for guitar prints was hand made by Brian. Not only is this beautifully made from Bird’s Eye Maple and Mahogany but it encompasses features from guitars. Take a close look.  There are fret marks and fret wire inlayed into the frame. If anyone is interested in having a frame like this built for their guitar prints do contact me because I believe Brian will take custom orders.

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