Apple – Woz


Apple – Woz

This Patent Artwork collage depicts Apple’s first patent, filed by Steve Wozniak, in 1977 for a microcomputer for use with video display. It was for software that enabled you to plug your Apple Computer into the television and thus save money on a monitor. It was sold as part of a kit for assembly by the owner.

Users built their own case for the computer ranging from beautiful wooden cases (like the unique one in our print) to literally shoe boxes with wires hanging out.

The background used for this print sets the tone of using lined paper for doing old schematic drawings.

This print is ideal for any information technologist and owners of old mac computers.


5 x 7 Print on Archival Fine Art Paper, 8 x 10 Print on Fine Art Archival Paper, 11 x 14 Print on Fine Art Archival Paper, 13 x 19 Print on Archival Fine Art Paper